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  • Lifeline - first truly interactive mobile game

    [incoming communication]
    [establishing connection]
    [receiving a message]
    Is this thing working? 
    Can anyone read me?
  • Freewrite - an ultimate solution for writers?

    Few days ago I accidentally found out that one of Kickstarter projects for writers I had seen once has now launched as a stand-alone offer. It’s called Freewrite and, as its creators claim, it’s world’s first smart typewriter. What is Freewrite and how can it help you unleash your creativity while writing next bestselling novel? Let’s find out.

  • Skins Summer Holiday - a review

    A week ago I eventually had an opportunity to read, for the first time, second Skins novel called Summer Holiday. Despite not that original title the novel was supposed to revealed some unknown (yet anticipated) details about characters of the third generation of “the E4 cult TV series”, as claims cover description. I like Skins, and I like third generation in particular, so I decided to give Skins Summer Holiday a chance to convince me if it’s as good as the series itself, or at least, not much worse.

  • Venus & Jupiter conjunction

    In the last few days we had a chance (and still have) to observe one of the most interesting astronomical phenomena of 2015: a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Both planets reached the closest distance between on 30th June and, though they’re slightly increasing the distance each day, can still be observed in the same part of the sky in coming days.

  • Tweetbot: great, yet not flawless, Twitter client

    As most of you probably know, I’m a zealous fan of Twitter as it has been my first (and the only, after deleting Facebook account permanently in Summer 2014) social network. I’ve been using it productively for years and always happy with native Twitter app for mobile and its website on my computers. The day had finally come when I abandoned Twitter’s own app and moved on to a third party software, Tweetbot.

  • How to use wax seals

    There might be a point in your life when instead of typing an e-mail you would prefer to use older and more sophisticated form of correspondence, like a traditional handwritten letter. And what would be a better decoration of such a letter than a wax seal?

  • Skins generation 3 - first impression

    When you are in your mid-twenties, there aren’t many things you can do for the first time in your life (except of getting a mortgage loan, perhaps). Usually you already have pretty vast experience of various situations, people and emotions and maybe even start to think (with arrogance typical for fairly young people) that nothing is able to surprise you or extract from you feelings you haven’t felt so far. In the end twenty-few years should be enough to get to know yourself in almost every possible way, shouldn’t it? Well, it’s just rubbish.

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