While I am well aware of the potential of large language models and the so-called “AI”, I abhor AI-created content. It is soulless, often factually wrong and prone to passing erroneous informations as truths in an authoritative way. Publishing articles that are generated using AI tools is deeply offending to a reader who seeks an authentic connection to another human being through their writing, art or photography.

Therefore, I want to emphasise that there is no AI-generated content present on my website. All articles have been written by me personally. I have authored all illustrations and photographs, unless otherwise stated. In the case of featuring other persons’ work I always clearly label the author and the source, and I make sure that I do not share content created with AI tools.

When reading any of my essays or browsing through my drawings and photographs, you can be sure that they were all made by an actual human and not using an AI generator. There may be some typos, grammar errors, flaws in the artworks or slightly crooked horizon lines in the photographs. But they will be authentic, not a product of a mere AI prompt.

I respect you as my reader, and I want you to experience my true voice.

For additional information on an AI-free initiative feel free to visit notbyAI.fyi.