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  • I made a Pixelfed account

    Recently I’ve created a Pixelfed account to share my everyday and casual photographs online.

  • I will play every game I own

    If you are a gamer, you probably have a long list of titles in your library, and chances are, you have not played all of those games. Thanks to spontaneous purchases, Steam Summer Sales, Black Friday offers, etc. we tend to accumulate more and more games at attractive prices. ‘It was a bargain, and I wanted to play this game anyway’ one may justify their purchase to themselves (I do quite often, actually). In the end many of those games never see the proverbial light of day, and they stay on shelves of our digital libraries, collecting virtual dust.

  • The dusk of Reddit

    I have noticed that with each passing year I have fewer social media accounts. On the first of January 2023 I permanently deleted my Twitter account and now I let go of Reddit as well. Both decisions are rooted in a similar issue: questionable ethics and actions of the respective CEO.

  • The persistence of information

    In the modern digital age we are facing a threat of losing information at an unprecedented scale.

  • Florence — a short (yet lovely) little game

    Some time ago I had an opportunity to play Florence. It is a short but interesting game about life, happiness and discovering your true self.

  • How my flight simulation journey began

    Do you know those stories when someone had been loving airplanes from their early years, and they spent every free moment to learn about aviation, flight procedures, various aircraft and so on? It was nothing like this for me.

  • How to keep a resolution to write daily

    The beginning of a new year is perfect moment to start a new resolution. While keeping a resolution throughout the year may be a challenge, there are some ways in which one may increase their chance of success. I would like to share with you some advices on how to keep a resolution to write on each day of the year.

  • Time before Christmas

    This time of year is always special. There is a tiny bit of magic in the air, a spark of hope and dreams that tries to carry us into the new year.

  • Fallout 76 - my impressions after three months of playing

    In December 2021 I started playing Fallout 76. While my previous experience with the franchise culminated in the exploration of the Fallout 4 world, and even making a series of let’s play videos, I was positively surprised by Fallout 76 and many new concepts this game offers.

  • Changes to the website

    A new update and some changes are coming to this website.

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