I have been playing Hogwarts Legacy for some time now and have advanced in the story and the discovery of game’s world. After putting about 20-25 hours in the game I can say that the magical world is more and more fascinating with every hour spent within.

I have enjoyed the world created for the game from the very beginning. It was not entirely unknown to me, as I have been a fan of Harry Potter books since my late childhood. I know how Hogwarts was presented in movies, how it is depicted in books, but being able to explore the castle myself is an entirely new experience. It is obvious that developers spent many hours crafting the world that is both homogenous with cinematic source material and captivating for players. Hogwarts Legacy makes me want to lose myself in the world of magic and wonder, providing an immersive experience that is entertaining for both adults and children alike. There were many occasions on which I have been casually exploring my surroundings, looking for floating keys, magical creatures or simply enjoying the magnificent view, instead of progressing the main mission or a side quest.

This is a huge plus of Hogwarts Legacy: it allows one to choose their own adventure and play the game their way. There are days when I am focusing on a certain mission, or learning a new spell. On other days I can wander around, looking for magical plants to replenish my supplies needed for crafting potions. There are some days when I am focused on acquiring certain collectibles or discovering new locations to use the floo powder to teleport to. My playstyle varies from day to day but regardless, Hogwarts Legacy is always an enjoyable and entertaining title.

I am playing Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch and while I am aware that the graphics are inferior to those on PCs or other consoles, I am absolutely satisfied with the visuals delivered. To be honest, Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch looks better than I expected. Special effects related to magic are attractive and the entire experience is cohesive and well-thought, unlike many Switch ports which make playing on a console frustrating (I am looking at you, Skyrim). There are some occasional glitches or stutters, especially when lighting changes due to weather or time of the day, but they do not impact the experience and do not break the immersion. User interface and controls are quite intuitive, although changing spells casted during fights requires some practise. I should also mention the music and sound effects, which greatly enhance the experience. I am playing in docked mode only but I suppose they would be even more important in hand held mode, when one uses headphones. Speaking of the audio side of the game, I cannot ignore the excellent voice acting for the characters living in the magical world. Everything about Hogwarts Legacy shows developers’ care and attention to details.

Although I am not yet in the middle of the story itself (I would even dare to say I barely scratched the surface of Hogwarts’ world) I can confidently say that this is one of the best games available for Nintendo Switch, and one of the best games I have ever played. I am looking forward to discovering more magical secrets and becoming a true master of wizardy. And I will document my progress along the way.

This is article no. 9 from the 100 Days To Offload series.