After almost two years of waiting, I have finally been able to play Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch. The game was a Christmas gift and it couldn’t have arrived at better time. It was a lovely experience to explore the magic of Hogwarts and feel like I was wandering through the castle’s corridors.

I am still at the beginning of my adventure in Hogwarts, having only visited Hogsmeade for the first time, after my first day at school. I have played the game for maybe five, six hours, but it was a fabulous time. Hogwarts Legacy reinvigorated my curiosity and excitement about the magical world of Harry Potter I first encountered as a child many years ago. Developers created an immersive, vibrant world where magic is accessible and attractive. That world made me want to return to the original books by J. K. Rowling and places, events and characters she described.

Although Hogwarts Legacy does not share any characters with Harry Potter series, happening a hundred years prior to the events mentioned in the books, it absolutely shares the same vibe and amazing atmosphere of a magical world hidden from the eyes of muggles. Even the first steps, taken before I started playing the game (that is, creating a Wizarding World account and connecting it to the game, sorting to the right house and choosing my wand) made me want to dive head-first into this universe. As it quickly turned out, the world of wizards and witches, although magical, can be really dangerous, and not every person or creature is friendly. I have learned that lesson before even arriving at Hogwarts.

Many things are still unknown to me regarding the gameplay. After all, I have only begun my adventure in Harry Potter’s world. Nevertheless, I have already fallen in love with this game, and the way it makes me feel like I’m a young boy again, excited about the magic I’m about to discover.

This is article no. 2 from the 100 Days To Offload series.