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  • Life is Strange comic book vol. 1 (Dust #1)

    Life is Strange comic book is a continuation of the story of Max and Chloe, taking place a year after the events depicted in the eponymous computer game. Max and Chloe live in Seattle and while it could appear that the worst is over and two girls are finally safe, a new, sudden danger emerges, threatening everything Max achieved since that memorable week in October.

  • Life is Strange art exchange [closed]

    As a part of the #WeAreLiS initiative on Twitter we are organising the art exchange between Life is Strange fans. The exchange allows fans from around the world to share their collections of fan art and see collections prepared by others.

  • Play Dead Movie

    Play Dead is an independent horror movie depicting the story of a dysfunctional family with a peculiar and very disturbing hobby.

  • Arcadia Bay sunset

  • Plans for 2019

    2018 was a busy year. I’ve been participating in many projects that ate away huge portions of my time, however they forced me to improve my time management and productivity. I’m starting this year with new energy and ideas, carefully planning a few major goals to achieve in 2019.

  • I saved Chloe for the first time

    Last Summer I played Life is Strange for the first time. It was incredibly immersive experience and it changed me forever.

  • New version of the website

    As you might have noticed, my website has been updated with a new structure and appearance. I wanted it to have a clean, minimalistic design with easy navigation.

  • Ulysses becomes a subscription-based app

    A vivid discussion sprang up on the internet three days ago when The Soulmen, developers of Ulysses, announced that their popular text editor for macOS and iOS had become a subscription-based app. This rather unanticipated step has rendered the group of Ulysses fans bipolar. Subscription lovers claim that the application is much more affordable via a low monthly fee than a big payment upfront, while their opponents argue that it practically forces them to pay for the software in perpetuity, in order to be able to preserve its functionality. As always in similar cases, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and both sides have some valid points in the discussion.

  • Write! - new multi-platform writing software

    The market of writing software is full of powerful, innovative or intuitive text editors and word processors that have been widely used by a large public for several years. To make a visible appearance new developer must offer an outstanding application with supreme features that would be attractive for customers. Write!1 app is the new player in the game, boldly advertised as the only writing app you need to create, edit and organise texts. Is this brag justified? I’ve been using Write! as my primary writing app for seven weeks to get the answer to this question.

  • Moving from Photoshop to Affinity Photo

    I’ve recently made one of the biggest changes in my workflow as a photographer: I’ve switched from Adobe Photoshop CC to Affinity Photo software for post-processing and retouching my images. This change was not easy to make. I’ve been using Photoshop in a professional way for several years now, I’ve become familiar with its possibilities and the way its functions work. However, I’m unsatisfied with the way Adobe Photoshop develops: each new iteration brings less innovations and improvements, at least in the field in which I’m using this software. Also, I’m a big opponent of subscription-based applications. While it might be an optimal solution for one to pay low monthly fee for a software he/she uses, sooner or later one reaches the point when accumulated cost of the subscription is higher than the retail price of a stand-alone software license. I reached that point and wondered: “Do I really need to pay monthly for Photoshop, while there are other solutions just as functional?” None of Photoshop updates in the last two years have been really useful for me, tools and modules I use work in the same way and as effective as they used to few years ago. Therefore I made a decision: it’s time for a change. Let’s try something new, let’s find some Photoshop replacement.

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