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  • Changes to the website

    A new update and some changes are coming to this website.

  • The Heart of Etheria - Catra and Adora kiss

  • Portal Catra

  • Remember Me - a She-Ra fanfiction

    This story is an alternative take on the events in Hordak’s sanctum, leading to the opening of the portal in season 3 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. What if Catra and Adora talked about their past? Would Catra still pull the switch? Or would she switch sides?

  • Life is Strange photo wall (Max Caulfield memorial wall)

    One of the things that enchanted me in Life is Strange was Max Caulfield photo memorial wall at Blackwell Academy. It was one of those small details that made me fall in love with this game, contributing to its unique atmosphere. The Polaroid wall in Max’s dorm room allows player to not only appreciate her photography skills, but also learn more about her personality. In some way it also reflects Max’s decisions, especially the ones made at the beginning of the game.

    Ever since my first playthrough of the game, I’ve been thinking about recreating Max’s photo wall at home. The opportunity for that appeared in August 2019, when I was doing a renovation of my home office. I decided to dedicate a whole wall to Life is Strange. I want to share the final result with you, along with a small DIY tutorial on how to make Max photo wall that will look as similar to the in-game version as possible.

  • Catra and Adora (Catradora artwork from She-Ra)

  • Happy New Year 2020

  • Max Caulfield - simple drawing

  • Chloe Price - simple drawing

  • Life is Strange comic book vol. 7 (Waves #3)

    The previous issue of Life is Strange comic book has been, in my opinion, the best one yet. It was the first issue that I thoroughly enjoyed. Will the seventh one live up to its predecessor? Let’s find out!

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